Fine Beauty

Formulator, private label & micro brands

Private label & cosmetic formulation


Katarina Stetz is a formulator, a chemist that designs and creates beauty products. She consults beauty start ups as well as established brands with brand identity, product development, packaging and full scale manufacturing. Need a formulator? Contact her today!

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Beauty Brands by Ninni


by Ninni is a collection of beauty brands designed and created by Katarina Stetz. All brands are an artistic expression to celebrate the art of formulation and joy of beauty. All brands are small scale and 3-4 different brands are released per year. 

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Influencing the beauty industry


In addition private label work and brand creation, Katarina Stetz also is influencing the beauty industry by speaking up for the art of formulation, equality and sustainability in the industry.

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About Katarina Stetz


"I see formulating as an art form. Fine dining revolutionized the food industry and elevated dining to an experience. I want to do the same with beauty. "

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